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It's not that hard to do a custom color variations on your model kits. One of the easiests are:

*RX-78-G-3. In fact it's already done for you in MG, but for 1/144 scale, all you need is grey for your mobile suit, and blue for the accents.
*RX-78-2. Rollout colors are even easier, white and red, with a bit of blue.
*Blue Destiny GMs. Take your RX-79[g] and transplant a GM head, and paint them blue. Of course, a bit of modification in the torso is necessary, but still it's cool.
*Char's Mobile Suit. Paint red, highlight with Pink. Works for just about anything... except Type-100, though one could do that, but it defeats the purpose type 100.

Think of your own. For instance, you could get away painting your old Heavyarms 1/144 in HeavyArms Custom color for a cheap early variations, or vice versa. Or do your own. A blue mobile suit in the shades of GM Quell or otherwise? It's pretty damn easy for color variation. Just a lot of time, paint, and patience.

Y. Choe

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