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Wow Eddie! you know so much! Tell me more!

What was this F90 III Cluster Gundam? Is this a descendant of the original F90 ?

And what was this Vigna Zirah ms ? It has the same design concepts of the RXF-91 A
& B! Did the Crossbone Vanguard build it? This was the MS you were referring to
right? The ones AE encountered?

How about the G Cannon Magna & HardyGun II ? Did SNRI come up with them or AE ?
They're much more advanced features of the ones in F91...

And the RX-99... who came up with that? SNRI or AE ? who were the pilots of the
RXF91 A & B, Cluster & Neo Gundam? Did these gundams have biocomputers in them?

I got this catalog & story book when I got the Neo Gundam a few years ago... and
there were these cool looking variations of the HardyGun II & the G Cannon
Magna... anybody ever seen these?

Edward Ju wrote:

> Click on the section under Gundam Works. Read up on Formula Wars
> 0122 too.
> Very bascially - Setinel was spawned from a Model Graphix monthly feature
> and has to do with the AI system known as ALICE installed on the mobile suits.
> F90 has to do with the surviving Zeon faction known as Oldsmobile's hijack of
> one of the two F90 prototypes during their test flight, and the resulting
> recovering efforts (not unlike 0083). SF91 deals with Anaheim Electronics'
> industrial espionage from SNRI in its bid to keep the Federation contract.
> The SNRI was set up by the Feds as a competitior to AE, and SNRI succeeded in
> scaling down the Gundam while boosting performance. In a desperate attempt
> to keep competitive, AE sent spies to steal SNRI's designs of the Formula
> series, thus the name "Silhouette Formula". Little did AE know what it would
> run into during the test flight of their pirated Gundams...
> Eddie

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