Winn Sevilla (
Sat, 06 Nov 1999 21:18:18 +0800

I've had this Hobby Japan that takes coverage of the JAFCON 8th... and
it's pretty interesting... a lot of variations and other stuff about
models... but one thing caught my eye... there was this Tallgeese III
that was painted in pure red... it really looked nice but it was pure
red... really dull...

So taking my inspiration from a RX-178 MG Gundam Quatro Bajina type
(pure red... really looked nice... it had Char's customized colors on
it... saw it online somewhere.) I've decided to build an 1/144 Tallgeese
III to a from Zechs to Char Aznable version. It was a great idea
through... I've been observing pics of Char's Gelgoog & Zaku and I seem
to know some details I could use.

But I need advice... so anybody out there did this before?

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