Winn Sevilla (
Sat, 06 Nov 1999 17:10:50 +0800

You're forgetting something else... Macross?

I mean, they're better than Evangelion right? They can crack their AT
fields with songs and stuff... but actually, I don't know much about the
7 and the Plus series, so if you've got some knowledge, just reply.

Considering their Valkries and stuff... they may not have firepower and
stuff... but their speed is such a great advantage. Plus add up the X-1
and you can kill all mobile suits!

And have Isamu Dyson, Guld, Maximillian Genius, Roy Fokker and other top
pilots against Gundam pilots... who knows who will ever win? Just think
Max in the Nu Gundam or Wing Zero Custom!

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