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Eiji Hayashi writes,

>whatchu do? still remember all those power outputs?

  <grin> Well, I don't expect everyone else to waste their brain cells
thusly. But if you're going to quote specs, you might want to check 'em
first. ;-)

>what do you mean officially? according to MS Encylopedia its Titanium
>Ceramic composite armor. That's plenty official for me.

  The MS Encyclopedia isn't terribly well fact-checked. I'll spare you a
recital of the typos that have been in there since the first edition, but
I should note that Mediaworks didn't realize that some of the CCA
variants were originally created for the first edition, and so they went
ahead and made up new specs for the '98 edition instead of looking up the
right ones from the first edition...

  Anyway, as first published, none of the 0080 or 0083 mobile suit specs
mentioned the armor materials. Subsequent publications have made guesses,
but the materials they pick are different from one book to another.

  Judging from the specs in Z and ZZ, it seems unlikely that One Year War
era mobile suits would have had titanium ceramic composite armor. All the
vintage mobile suits from these shows - the Galbaldy Beta, GM III,
Dowadge, Zaku Mariner, Desert Zaku - are armored with either steel or
plain titanium, in some cases with sections of shiny new Gundarium. The
GM II has ceramic composite armor, but its description invariably notes
that its armor materials have been changed from those of the original GM,
which means that the original version would have been armored with
anything _but_ titanium ceramic composite!

>BTW.. can you tell me why the MS-06J (in 8th) has the exact same stats as
>the MS-06 F in the Bibles.. whereas the stats for the MS-06F (in 8th) are
>different than those listed?

  I don't recall seeing specs listed for the F type from 08th MS Team -
what book are you referring to?

  As for the J type - yep, the 08th MS Team specs (56.2 tons dry, 74.5
tons full, 976 kW power) are pretty familiar. At one point, those were
the specs for the F type Zaku, but starting with Entertainment Bible 1
the F type's specs were changed a bit. The FZ type from 0080, and Char's
S type, also have the same weight and power output as the J type from
08th MS Team.

  Another set of specs for the J type were listed in Entertainment Bible
1; these were subsequently used for the F2 type in 0083. There's
basically just a few sets of Zaku specs that keep getting swapped around
between the various types. Very confusing!

-- Mark

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