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SJ writes,

> Only what I understood from the series. And since there was no debate
over my
> opinion, and you can clearly see that many Fed officers know about Stardust
> (one even stated, "Has Stardust already started?"). If you or anyone else
> disagrees, let's hear it.

  Okay, you're on!

First, it's clear that selected Federation conspirators (including
Admiral Corini, Jamitove Heimann, and/or Green Wyatt) know at least some
of the details of Operation Stardust in advance. However, this doesn't
mean they know _all_ of them - and there's almost overwhelming evidence
to the contrary.

  On the one hand, the Federation conspirators almost certainly know
about the colony drop part of the plan. They assemble a new Solar System
in low Earth orbit within two days of the colony going off-course, and
hold back a fleet to guard the mirrors - surely something that would
require a degree of premeditation.

  On the other hand, it seems very very unlikely that they knew about the
nuclear attack on the naval review. Even putting aside the question of
whether they'd sacrifice most of their fleet to create a fake emergency -
surely the colony drop would be sufficient! - Green Wyatt obviously
doesn't know the nuke is coming. And since Wyatt was about to pick up
documents from Cima that discuss the nuclear attack (judging from
Burning's exclamations), if his co-conspirators were deliberately keeping
Wyatt in the dark, why send him to collect these documents?

  And for that matter, if the Federation conspirators had planned
Stardust from the beginning, why would they need these documents from
Cima in the first place?

My best guess as to who knew what and when is that the Federation
conpirators were being fed information by Cima. In fact, since Cima only
joins the Delaz Fleet two weeks after the theft of the GP02A, it's
possible that she joined the conspiracy for the sole purpose of selling
Delaz out to the Federation. If Cima is the conduit, then it makes
perfect sense that her co-conspirators would know all about the part of
the operation Cima was responsible for (the colony drop) but, up until
the last minute, know nothing about the other aspects (the nuclear
attack). Cima's attempted meeting with Wyatt is thus an attempt to give
her allies the rest of the details; it fails, and the oblivious
Federation walks right into the nuclear ambush.

As to your specific arguments...

>First off, with the population of the Earth at such a low by 0083,
>grain production in North America only reduced the amount of grain available
>to everybody, not just Earth.

  The stock explanation is that this makes the Federation more dependent
on food grown in space. This never made much sense to me, and no effort
is made to explain it in the animation, beyond Gato's cryptic comment
that the target "is not Jaburo."

>Secondly, why would the Feds tell Gato that they intended him to fail all

  Actually, Stardust was a complete success. The Federation fleet was
crippled, and the colony hit its intended target. Presumably, if the
Federation conspirators had had their way, the colony would have been
vaporized at the last minute by the Solar System II. (Followed by much
lauding of heroic Bosque Ohm, and the formation of the Titans to prevent
another such near-disaster.)

>Lastly, the timing of the colony shift, the navel review, the GP02a, and the
>Solar System II where all far too convenient and coincidental to have been
>planned by Delaz, Cima, or Axis. All four of these factor are Federation

  Federation-controlled, yes, but hardly secret. Anaheim was clearly
feeding Delaz information about the Gundam Project and the whereabouts of
the GP02A; it's not inconceivable that they might have delayed or
accelerated completion of the prototypes so that the Delaz Fleet could
steal the GP02A just before the naval review. As for the colony
relocation, the timeline maintains that such colony relocations had been
going on for a couple of years; Delaz coul have just picked the closest
one to the naval review. Coincidental, yes, but not a miraculous
coincidence - and no less plausible than a lot of 0083's other plot elements!

-- Mark

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