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> The original question that started this post is regarding Gato's proficiency
> with the GP02's beam sabre. I forget who asked the original question but
> person doubts Gato piloting any MS between 0079 to 0083 equipped with a
> sabre type weapon.

I started it :)

> If the Gelgoog was selected for production before Gato started testing
> then
> I agree it is unlikely that he would have tested the Gan. It is perfectly
> plausible though that during the three year waiting period he continued to
> pilot
> MS to keep his skills up. Suggesting the use of MS which survived the war
> and as
> well as any that was able to be salvaged and made operational eg Zakus,
> Gelgoogs, Rick Doms I, II, GMs.

Granted, although the Delaz fleet didn't seem to contain any Gelgoogs,
although it certainly had Doms. I'm sure he could have borrowed one from Cima
though :)
> Which leads me to believe that once you become a proficient pilot, piloting
> different MS is about as hard as driving a different car/motorcycle and
> like
> piloting different aircraft (i.e no need to be type rated). The basic
> controls/features are probably standard across Zeon MS, and any differences
> between the controls between Zeon and Federation MS probably disappeared
> later
> on when Anaheim Electronics started supplying all the MS. And as with
> using new features is probably as easy as pushing a couple of buttons.

On the other hand, it has been mentioned that one of the possible reasons
Char seemed to get less and less skilled with his MSs during 0079 was the
fact that he changed units on a regular basis.
> I think it was SJ that mentioned Amuro using the beam sabre in his first
> confrontation with the Zakus. He just flicked a switch, and drawing the
> beam
> sabre from the holder is probably an automated process. Amuro certainly
> didn't
> have any problems slicing a Zaku in half or piercing the cockpit with
> pinpoint
> accuracy.

Amuro didn't, but he had the advantage of being a newtype, whereas Gato

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