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> > > > Unless he had experience in a beam sabre equipped unit
> > any time between 0079
> > > > and 0083, I find it a little hard to believe.
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> > > >you could argue that he used the Gelgoog's beam naginata
> > with just one blade
> > > >extended.
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> > > >Jason
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> > Don't forget that both the Dom and the Gouf use heat swords
> > and the use of these
> > weapons in combat is the same as a beam sabre. Since Gato
> > was attached to the MS
> > test corp, chances are good that he had also test piloted the
> > MS-15 Gan (MS-14
> > Gelgoog's competition for a production contract) which is
> > equipped with a beam
> > sabre. The Gan did not appear in the Gundam Movies but was
> > Ma Kube's personal MS
> > in the TV series.
> Unlikely. Gato was for the most part, a Space Attack Force only pilot. He
> is limited prior to the Aces Corp to Zaku and High Mobility Zaku. By the
> time the Ace's Corp was formed, Zeon has already pick Gelgoog as the next
> mass produced Mobile Suit. The Aces Corp's sole task is to test performance
> and develope combat tactic for Gelgoog. Gann is a California Base/Odessa
> Earth based enterprise. Sure both Gann and Gelgoog have beam saber, but it
> is likely that this beam saber technology is developed independant of both
> projects. The big hangup on Gelgoog project is the E-Cap technology for
> beam rifle that Zeon engineer has to reverse engineered. Gann and Gelgoog
> are probably developed around the same time, with Gann opting not to wait
> for beam rifle, and going for a missle/mine based attack. I don't recall
> Gato piloting anything other than a Zaku or Gelgoog.

The original question that started this post is regarding Gato's proficiency
with the GP02's beam sabre. I forget who asked the original question but the
person doubts Gato piloting any MS between 0079 to 0083 equipped with a beam
sabre type weapon.

If the Gelgoog was selected for production before Gato started testing them then
I agree it is unlikely that he would have tested the Gan. It is perfectly
plausible though that during the three year waiting period he continued to pilot
MS to keep his skills up. Suggesting the use of MS which survived the war and as
well as any that was able to be salvaged and made operational eg Zakus,
Gelgoogs, Rick Doms I, II, GMs.

In 0083, Gato obviously knew exactly what he was going to steal, so any self
respecting military pilot in an operation of this type and magnitude would have
thoroughly researched the MS and be fully prepared to pilot it. Meaning he
probably familiarised himself as best as he could with Federation MS controls
and weaponry beforehand.

Delaz had a custom Rick Dom on board his ship and during a past discussion about
this Dom, someone quipped that Delaz was so protective of his MS that he came
down to the hangar area from the bridge personally, amidst the final battle of
A-Bao-A-Qu, to prevent Gato from taking it into battle. For an operation as big
as Stardust, I am sure even Delaz would have let Gato practice with the Dom's
heat sword. <grin>. They certainly couldn't leave to chance the possiblity that
Gato could not pilot the Gp02 or be able to use its weapons well enough.

I take it that what you said about Gato's MS experience will probably apply to
the Gaia,Ortega, Mash and Ranba Ral. I know for certain that the Black Trinary
did not have prior experience with the Dom before their first sortie against the
White Base but they seemed to have no problems piloting the Dom or using the
heat sword. Same probably applies with Ranba Ral with the Gouf and its heat rod
and sword. Not to mention the fact that they were new to ground combat as well
(the same probably applies to Gato in 0083).

Which leads me to believe that once you become a proficient pilot, piloting
different MS is about as hard as driving a different car/motorcycle and not like
piloting different aircraft (i.e no need to be type rated). The basic
controls/features are probably standard across Zeon MS, and any differences
between the controls between Zeon and Federation MS probably disappeared later
on when Anaheim Electronics started supplying all the MS. And as with cars,
using new features is probably as easy as pushing a couple of buttons.

I think it was SJ that mentioned Amuro using the beam sabre in his first
confrontation with the Zakus. He just flicked a switch, and drawing the beam
sabre from the holder is probably an automated process. Amuro certainly didn't
have any problems slicing a Zaku in half or piercing the cockpit with pinpoint


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