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>> Would bringing a tomino gundam series (08th MS Team) hurt you guys so bad?
>> - Roger
>Umm....08th MS team isn't a Tomino Gundam....He hasn't done any gundam after
>V(until Turn-A that is....), I think you meant UC gundam?

hmmm... sorry, Tomino didn't do 08th MS team? I thought he directed, D'oh!!!
anyways, UC gundam. Out of all the series lately, 08th MS team is the best in
my opinion. G,W,X were all too "Super Robot" in my opinion though i did dig
watching them I find 08th MS Team to capture Gundam UC in a more 90's kind of
way. And there were some pretty groovy things in the series like the part he
rips off the Gundam's Arm to beat the gouf down.

- Roger


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