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>Richard, Paul,
>Bandai Japan is reluctant to roll out Gundam nationally. They barely gave us
>enough merchandise to do the Southern California test market. Many So Cal
>(Toys R Us) are way understocked. They were sufficiently impressed with our
>efforts, however, to allows us to open a secondary test market in Chicago.
>There is a cultural gulf. We are having to gain their trust. It doesn't
>that we have continued to make Power Rangers the number 1 boys brand for the
>past 7 years. They are all over us to do it right, but they are tight to
>us more product, especially stuff like master level kits. Part of the pizza
>party is to create tape of core Gundam builders saying what we need in order
>launch Gundam appropriately here in the US. This will help us show them what
>will take. I hope people will want to come. JWT is paying for this out of
>their own pocket. We don't have money to give as an incentive, but we do
>kits that we can give as a way of saying thank you. I figured good food
>go further than $15 cash. I also hope it is fun for those that come to show
>their models and just have a space to talk Gundam.
>The show launches in March, until then, we are having to try and find ways to
>build a mainstream support system to overcome a lack of domestic awareness.
>Since Gundam is like Star Wars in Japan, it is surprising to them that Gundam
>doesn't immediately catch on.
>We want to create some festivals that will be appreciated by core Gundam
>builders so that you feel good bringing friends that are novices. This means
>has to be appealing to both core builders and neophytes.
>We are looking ofr ways to introduce Gundam to teens and try to build a mass
>following there.
>We are open to ideas and I'm especially interested in personal stories of how
>you got started in Gundam.
>We want to find out what you would want if Bandai were to sponsor screenings.
>Assuming we start in LA, what kind of screenings would be appealing to both
>builders and new comers?

don't mean to be an ass but why Chicago?!! New york is a much better place to
test, at least there is me!!

- Roger


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