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>> > > Unless he had experience in a beam sabre equipped unit
>> any time between 0079
>> > > and 0083, I find it a little hard to believe.
>> > > >>
>> > >you could argue that he used the Gelgoog's beam naginata
>> with just one blade
>> > >extended.
>> > >
>> > >Jason
>> Don't forget that both the Dom and the Gouf use heat swords
>> and the use of these
>> weapons in combat is the same as a beam sabre. Since Gato
>> was attached to the MS
>> test corp, chances are good that he had also test piloted the
>> MS-15 Gan (MS-14
>> Gelgoog's competition for a production contract) which is
>> equipped with a beam
>> sabre. The Gan did not appear in the Gundam Movies but was
>> Ma Kube's personal MS
>> in the TV series.
>Unlikely. Gato was for the most part, a Space Attack Force only pilot. He
>is limited prior to the Aces Corp to Zaku and High Mobility Zaku. By the
>time the Ace's Corp was formed, Zeon has already pick Gelgoog as the next
>mass produced Mobile Suit. The Aces Corp's sole task is to test performance
>and develope combat tactic for Gelgoog. Gann is a California Base/Odessa
>Earth based enterprise. Sure both Gann and Gelgoog have beam saber, but it
>is likely that this beam saber technology is developed independant of both
>projects. The big hangup on Gelgoog project is the E-Cap technology for
>beam rifle that Zeon engineer has to reverse engineered. Gann and Gelgoog
>are probably developed around the same time, with Gann opting not to wait
>for beam rifle, and going for a missle/mine based attack. I don't recall
>Gato piloting anything other than a Zaku or Gelgoog.

Keep in mind a beam saber isn't a very hard thing to master, to hot glowing
end goes into the other guy, A heat hawk shouldn't be that much of a different
thing since basically it was used to Hack an enemy. Besides Gato had the
Naginata, thats a Beam weapon also and I think this should be a little harder
to use, well at least thats my opinion.

- Roger


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