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Well everyone on this list has heard me rant about wing.... too much in my
opinion but I just have one this to say, Whats the big deal about Cali?!! I
really like gundam and have followed it since I was seven years old, I'm 18 no
but am really disappointed in Bandai of America, I heard how much the party
sucked, that was probably because you were in the wrong location! I know a few
Die hard gundam fans that range from 18 all the way to 30 years of age, I
think it would be great to have it in New York. Let me rephrase that....

Another way you could boost popularity is a modeling contest,The Gundam held
on even in its darkest days because of Modelers (like some of us on this

And finally it wouldn't hurt you people to build a model professionally and
leave it on display.

Would bringing a tomino gundam series (08th MS Team) hurt you guys so bad?

- Roger


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