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Michael Y H Ip wrote:

> Tomonaga wrote:
> > Char's mask isn't a disguise or a fashion statement. It symbolises his adopted
> > persona, and all the reasons for adopting this persona
> > .
> > He has taken the name of Char Aznable in order to avenge his father's death and
> > in his mind the mask separates his true self from Char Aznable.
> >
> > On the surface Char Aznable, ace pilot and a brilliant military officer must
> > appear to be a loyal dedicated Zeon, in order to win the trust/respect of the
> > Zavi hierarchy. All in contrary to Casval's true feelings towards the Zabis and
> > their regime. Casval cannot/will not join the Zeon forces using his/family name,
> > to follow the orders of the people who orchestrated the death of his father. And
> > he cannot join the Earth Federation whom his father opposed and at the same time
> > fight against his own people. Thus he must use the Char persona to put himself
> > in a position in the Zeon forces to orchestrate and observe the demise of the
> > Zabi regime. The mask symbolises the sacrifices he has made and the goal
> > itself.
> Now, I have asked this question before, and I
> received and answer, which I thought was
> reasonable, but I present it again. Why does
> Casval retain the name Char Aznable in CCA?
> Aside from that, by CCA, Casval has no more use
> for the name Char Aznable. If I were to be in
> Casval's boots, using the name Char would only
> conjure memories when I was under the command of
> the Zavi's who I despised so much (except Mineva -
> I just love kids), and surely if I were to carry
> out what I thought was my father's plan, I would
> return to using the Daikun name. Thoughts anyone?

Rodrick wrote:
My take on him using Char's name in CCA has always been that of all of his
persona and names, Char is still the one that commands the most respect and
awe. At this junction, he is involved in the orginization of Zeon refuges
in Sweetwater, and a well known name is what he need to rally his people.

Eddie wrote:
My guess would be that Casval felt
that the Char persona has some unfinished business
(i.e. a final duel with Amuro), therefore he refuses
to retire "Char" until it was over with.

Or maybe he felt dropping Axis on Earth would taint
the Zeon name, so he remained as Char in carrying
out the evil plan.

After the OYW he stopped wearing the mask but retained the name Char for the purpose
of staying on Axis. He was in his mind no longer the Char from the OYW but Casval
using the Char name only (This is pretty much the same as the Quattro Bajina persona I
explained in my earlier post).

This may be confusing but best explained by thinking of an actor playing a character
in a show, the thoughts and actions of the character is that of the character and not
of the actor. After the show is over he reverts to being himself but if he retains the
name of the character, from then on the thoughts and actions attributed to the
character(in name only) is actually that of the actor but past thoughts and actions of
the character are still attributed to this actor.

At the end of Z Gundam in 0088 Quattro/Char/Casval realized what had to be done to set
humanity free from Earth's hold on their souls. So he goes to Sweetwater (where the
remnants of Zeon have taken refuge) using the Char name, to plan and prepare for his
next course of action. He sat back and watched the 0088-89 ZZ Gundam events unfold
mainly to be rid of the final die-hard supporters of the Zabi regime namely Gremi
Toto(blood relative of Giren) and Harman Karn. At the end of ZZ Gundam the whereabouts
of Mineva Zabi is left unknown but in reality in 0089 she is taken in by Char at
Sweetwater. The reason being that he is the highest respected remaining Zeon
officer/leader with close personal connection to Mineva. This plus the public
knowledge that he is the son of the former revered Zeon leader, put him in a position
to take control, and become the leader of Neo Zeon in 0092. Remember that the general
Zeon public does not know that the Zabis killed Zeon rem Daikun, and that Char had a
hand in the demise of the Zabis. To find out that the great Zeon ace was actually the
rightful 'heir to the throne' goes down very well for generating public support.

It is only at this point that he no longer needs to retain the Char name, but he still
does because of what he is about to do. He knows that to accomplish what he thinks is
his father's goals, he must somewhat deviate from his father's philosophy and act in a
way that would dishonour his father's name. Thus once again he separates Casval from
Char, and in his mind he believes that he cannot return to being Casval (and what his
father stood for) until all of humanity is set free one way or the other, regardless
of consequences.

So both Rodrick and Eddie are partly right.

Regarding Eddie's point about Char's unfinished business with Amuro, to Amuro he will
always be Char no matter what name he is using, and also the rivalry between these two
are deep and personal and it is not something that exists just between the Char
persona and Amuro, but something that exists between Casval and Amuro.


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