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> Actually thats the best thing! In fact, in order for Gundam to be mass
> marketed, you'll prob need to check the UC Timeline on TV, regulating
it to
> VHS Only, since that'll only confuse the kids that they want to build
> Loyalty to

Of all Gundam, W seems it would be the most appealing to young American
viewers. But you're right, what happens when they go looking for more
Gundam? They're going to probably be looking for more stuff with the Wing
boys in it. 'Who's this Amuro guy? He looks like a wuss! Heero could dust
his ass in two seconds!' I can envision Endless Waltz being aired as
Saturday afternoon specials... =P 0083 might be too complicated to be
aired here as a kids' show. I struggle with it myself, still, though I
think I have a good grip on it now. Heheh. (If anything needs to be
dumbed down or simplified, it's probably that. The movie made me even
more confused than the manga did.)

I'm also vaguely wondering now how G would do being aired here now, aimed
towards kids.

What would really be great, of course, is if you could air 0080 or 0083
in a prime time network slot to get at the older audience, but that'll
never happen... *sigh* (Well, maybe we could convince the CBC, they're
always lacking for entertaining shows. That would be lovely - Gundam
0083, episode 2, followed by Hockey Night in Canada. Yay!)

Out of time, gotta jet...

- d

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