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Im only 15, and a while ago I got hooked on Gundam as well. Im currently on a
mission, as it were, to get more subbed tapes to watch, and models to make as
well. Luckily I live in NY so its a little easier to obtain materials. I'll
make some intelligent comments later on...you know, after I know more about
gundams and stuff =)

<< We are open to ideas and I'm especially interested in personal stories of
 you got started in Gundam. >>
    I'm probably the youngest on the list, and I barely contribute to the
 whole ML. At 13, and living in Michigan, you'd think I wouldn't even know
 what Gundam is. But, if you want teens to get in to Gundam, ask a teen their
 opinion! Here's the story:
 Back in 1997, my family and I travelled to California for summer vacation,
 and stayed at a relatives house. One day, I was so bored in their house,
 I decided to look around my cousin's room, to find entertainment of any
 Once I walked in, I was amazed by dozens of posters and wallscrolls of
 cool-looking "robots". It said "Mobile Suit Gundam" on the coolest poster.
 "What's Mobile Suit Gundam?" I asked myself. As I continued to search, on
 desk stood an awesome "toy". Not knowing what it was, i played around with
 it, when the loose arm fell off! I quickly put it back together, and found a
 box labelled "XXXG-01S Shenlong Gundam". And thought, "I gotta find out what
 this "Gundam" thing is. So I searched the web looking up as much as I could.
 I was amazed at all the detail, and complex story. So, the next day, at a
 Japanese grocery store, I looked for Gundam models. There, I bought my first
 kit ever, Gundam X, and Wing Zero! Sure, these kit's are low in quality, and
 suck, but I was so impressed, i was hooked!
 I started ordering more models, a few LD's, fansubs, and now the domestic
 release accomplished by Animevillage, and am now obsessed. That's my story.
 got into Gundam because of the mecha. It looked flashy, hi-tech, and just
 plain awesome.
 With Gundam coming to Toonami, I feel that it will be sucessful, since most
 teens are starting to get into Anime. I know that my middle school,
 Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon are watched by most everyone, but I think that
 Anime should frist get passed the "for kid's only" and the "cartoon" genre
 that alot of American teens think it is, before a BIG sucess is had.
 Well, that's about it for me, but I can answer any more questions you might
 have for me Ben. >>


Every night will have a day.
Even forever has to come to an end.
I think...
- Kato, Chrono Trigger

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