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<< The one thing I would really suggest is to
make sure they don't dumb down Gundam like the Power Rangers have seemed at
times. It seems like the assumption among the powers that be is that
American kids are dumber then kids from the rest of the world. Therefore thy
need to have shows dumbed down for them. This needs to be stopped. I know
of some local kids that have gotten into Gundams and have even built a few
Master Grades. The point is if they keep Gundam true to its roots, it should
suceed for the long haul. I don't want to see Gundam be a flash in the pan
fad. One other tip would be to see if the powers that be could release Zeta
Gundam on T.V. It definately has a good edge for the MTV Crowd. >>

 I think that Wing shouldn't be released first, even though it's the most
likely to get alot of people into Gundam. Gundam should be released in
chronological order, as so not to confuse anyone, with the Alternate
timelines, and the "normal". Wing also has a Power Rangers feel to it, and
that's never a good thing.

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