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> The last answer was that people are more likely to
> recognise this person as Char, the Red Comet, the
> great Gion ace of the OYW, than his real name,
> Casval Rem Daikun. However he made it clear in
> the Dakar speech that Quattro = Char = Casval
> (Dafydd, the Dakar speech is on one of the disks I
> sent you). A recent post made by Dafydd
> highlighted the fact that people may not
> necessarily realise Char is the Red Comet, and he
> made an example of the Red Baron (and I still
> don't know his name).
> Aside from that, by CCA, Casval has no more use
> for the name Char Aznable. If I were to be in
> Casval's boots, using the name Char would only
> conjure memories when I was under the command of
> the Zavi's who I despised so much (except Mineva -
> I just love kids), and surely if I were to carry
> out what I thought was my father's plan, I would
> return to using the Daikun name. Thoughts anyone?
> This I find one of the more extraordinary
> inconsistencies in UC Gundam, or is it simply
> Tomino and Bandai simplifying things for the
> audience?

Char is a legend to be feared (you don't remember or know the Red
Baron's true name so many people may not remember Char's "true name"
even after Dakkar but will remember the Red Comet name). Casval is the
son of Daikun who disappeared at early age and probably very few even
think about it after his father's death. Daikun was a pacifist, and
probably he woldn't approved several actions of Char bu Casval is a
warrior first and a very aggressive politician later. He want to see his
father's dreams of indipendence coming true but he needs different
In CCA he has no mask or sunglasses- he's now what he really always was,
a man on his own and the only visible mark of his past is the scar,
simbol of his rivality with Amuro.

Bye, Vincenzo

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