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> As for the colony's drop locationg being non-critical, I am not sure what
> you meant. Gato told Nina that the adjustment was made for the intended
> target of Op. Stardust, which turned out to be where the earthnoids were
> growing grains for food supply. Their goal was clearly to force the
> earthnoids become dependent on the spacenoids, at least for food. In that
> sense, Stardust has been successfully carried out if you ask me.
> Eddie

First off, with the population of the Earth at such a low by 0083, destroying
grain production in North America only reduced the amount of grain available
to everybody, not just Earth.

Secondly, why would the Feds tell Gato that they intended him to fail all
along? Delaz knew only what he was told, and what he himself had planned.
Gato knew what Delaz and Axis told him, and he knew what the final goal was
that Delaz was after.

Lastly, the timing of the colony shift, the navel review, the GP02a, and the
Solar System II where all far too convenient and coincidental to have been
planned by Delaz, Cima, or Axis. All four of these factor are Federation
controlled. The fact that information on all four of these factors where
understood by Delaz, and that the time table on Operation Stardust was being
delivered to the Feds, would seem to indicate that a portion of the
Federation was involved with Delaz. And since the Federation came out on top
while Delaz was annihilated, one can assume that Operation Stardust was
planned from the start to end in the way it did.

It would seem to no one part of Operation Stardust knew all of the plan,
except those few in the Fed high command the prospered in the end.


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