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>Harezu no Ninngyo writes,
> The standard GM II rifle is 1.9 MW - just fractionally lower than the
>Hizack's. Of course, it lacks a replaceable E-pack. But since the GM II
>has a higher power output than the Hizack, it should be perfectly capable
>of using the Hizack's beam rifle. Armed with the wimpier GM II rifle, it
>has enough power left over to use a beam saber as well, whereas the
>Hizack can only support a single beam weapon (its armament is either beam
>rifle & heat hawk, or machine gun and beam saber). Advantage: GM II.

whatchu do? still remember all those power outputs? God I'm getting rusty at

> They're listed as having 14 apogee motors, actually - and as for their

oops.. 14. Like I said this is all off the top of my head. If you checked up
books that isn't fair! :P The point remains.. its still a hell of alot of
veniers! more than most ZZ MSs 8 years later!

>armor, this has never been officially identified. Since the FZ weighs
>only slightly less than the original Zaku, it seems very unlikely that
>the armor is any different; titanium weighs about half as much as steel,

what do you mean officially? according to MS Encylopedia its Titanium
Ceramic composite armor. That's plenty official for me.

> Actually 180 tons versus roughly 60, but the point still stands. Yes,

oops 180.. not 280. My mistake. Its been a long time Mark.

>from a specs standpoint, the 0080 mobile suits are very different from
>the classic ones by simple virtue of being grossly overpowered. But this
>doesn't affect the way they're used in the animation, which is as simple
>substitutes for the regular versions. If one were to really believe that
>every mobile suit seen in 0080 is in fact an all-new high-powered
>variant, and that the specs are gospel, then none of the mobile suits in
>the series really make any sense. :-)

umm.. except for having 10 veniers.. the GM Commandos aren't that much
better than standard GMs.. and the GM arctic type is almost identical to a
standard GM. Nor is the GM Sniper 2 too much better than the original. Its
the Zion suits which saw the heavy power boosts. I will agree though, that
these vastly improved stats don't make any sense in terms of weapon
continuity. Unlike in 8th where pretty much all the improvements, if any,
are fairly resonable.

BTW.. can you tell me why the MS-06J (in 8th) has the exact same stats as
the MS-06 F in the Bibles.. whereas the stats for the MS-06F (in 8th) are
different than those listed?

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