Paul Fields (
Fri, 05 Nov 1999 16:27:32 EST


>Richard, Paul,
>Bandai Japan is reluctant to roll out Gundam nationally. They barely gave
>enough merchandise to do the Southern California test market.

That's the whole reason I'm giving my suggestions
now... If the whole SC market doesn't do well then
I'll never see it out here. Having seen the website
I realize you guys will be the one to take Gundam to
a National level as soon as Bandai is ready to do it.

Chicago, um I don't know about that one... I
don't know many fans out there. But the East
coast is probably too big a market to try out
easily cause the Fan community goes from NY
to NC pretty much non-stop probably the large
number of college clubs supporting it at that

Well good luck Ben.

Like the others guys I hope I'm contributing
something new and useful, because I'd like to
see more of it out here. But I know I won't
until you guys accomplish the mission out there.


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