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> > > Unless he had experience in a beam sabre equipped unit
> any time between 0079
> > > and 0083, I find it a little hard to believe.
> > > >>
> > >you could argue that he used the Gelgoog's beam naginata
> with just one blade
> > >extended.
> > >
> > >Jason
> Don't forget that both the Dom and the Gouf use heat swords
> and the use of these
> weapons in combat is the same as a beam sabre. Since Gato
> was attached to the MS
> test corp, chances are good that he had also test piloted the
> MS-15 Gan (MS-14
> Gelgoog's competition for a production contract) which is
> equipped with a beam
> sabre. The Gan did not appear in the Gundam Movies but was
> Ma Kube's personal MS
> in the TV series.

Unlikely. Gato was for the most part, a Space Attack Force only pilot. He
is limited prior to the Aces Corp to Zaku and High Mobility Zaku. By the
time the Ace's Corp was formed, Zeon has already pick Gelgoog as the next
mass produced Mobile Suit. The Aces Corp's sole task is to test performance
and develope combat tactic for Gelgoog. Gann is a California Base/Odessa
Earth based enterprise. Sure both Gann and Gelgoog have beam saber, but it
is likely that this beam saber technology is developed independant of both
projects. The big hangup on Gelgoog project is the E-Cap technology for
beam rifle that Zeon engineer has to reverse engineered. Gann and Gelgoog
are probably developed around the same time, with Gann opting not to wait
for beam rifle, and going for a missle/mine based attack. I don't recall
Gato piloting anything other than a Zaku or Gelgoog.

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