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Richard, Paul,

Bandai Japan is reluctant to roll out Gundam nationally. They barely gave us
enough merchandise to do the Southern California test market. Many So Cal TRUs
(Toys R Us) are way understocked. They were sufficiently impressed with our
efforts, however, to allows us to open a secondary test market in Chicago.

There is a cultural gulf. We are having to gain their trust. It doesn't matter
that we have continued to make Power Rangers the number 1 boys brand for the
past 7 years. They are all over us to do it right, but they are tight to give
us more product, especially stuff like master level kits. Part of the pizza
party is to create tape of core Gundam builders saying what we need in order to
launch Gundam appropriately here in the US. This will help us show them what it
will take. I hope people will want to come. JWT is paying for this out of
their own pocket. We don't have money to give as an incentive, but we do have
kits that we can give as a way of saying thank you. I figured good food would
go further than $15 cash. I also hope it is fun for those that come to show off
their models and just have a space to talk Gundam.

The show launches in March, until then, we are having to try and find ways to
build a mainstream support system to overcome a lack of domestic awareness.
Since Gundam is like Star Wars in Japan, it is surprising to them that Gundam
doesn't immediately catch on.

We want to create some festivals that will be appreciated by core Gundam
builders so that you feel good bringing friends that are novices. This means it
has to be appealing to both core builders and neophytes.

We are looking ofr ways to introduce Gundam to teens and try to build a mass
following there.

We are open to ideas and I'm especially interested in personal stories of how
you got started in Gundam.

We want to find out what you would want if Bandai were to sponsor screenings.
Assuming we start in LA, what kind of screenings would be appealing to both core
builders and new comers?

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>Richard Ramos

>Hey, could you tell the marketing and distribution arm over here in the
>philippines to ask us Filipino fans too?

Problem is Richie if I understand Ben right
his company is local to LA, and wouldn't be
connected to the Phillipino group. I just
wrote to him cause if Gundam samples badly
in California, probably its biggest market
in the US, then the East Coast the US second
biggest market will not get the chance that
it deserves. Knowing how these things work
if they get a good response out there, they
will expand to national level with Ben's firm,
or go with a bigger national firm if they are
unable to take it to the next level.

However this is only my non-professional view
based on 4 years of study. I've never worked
for an advertising agency, so I don't know for


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