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Fri, 5 Nov 1999 11:06:20 -0800

Just got the Bandai 1999/2000 catalog. A diorama shot of the MG Alex
in its trademark gatling gun surprise attack pose graces the cover.

For the first time, the catalog now flips from left to right like
traditional Japanese publications and (SURPRISE!) all the alternate
universe kits - G, Wing, X - are nowhere to be seen, as if they never
existed. As you flip through the catalog, you realize that there's no
Pokemon, Gasaraki, or Ultraman merchandise whatsoever. It's ALL Gundam,
and mostly One Year War stuff.

The theme of the first page is Black (as in Darkness) History - you
guessed it, Turn A kits. Unfortunately, no new kits are advertised
here, just the 5 1/144 kits and the two 1/100 kits that have already
come out.

Page 2 is more exciting - lists recent and new MG kits - MS-06R-1A,
Dom, RickDom, Alex, GM Custom, GM Quell, and ZZ. No shots of the MG ZZ
though, just line arts.

Page 3 - HGUC, etc. All the HGUC kits except for the GunCannon are here:
Gian, Zaku III Custom, Qubeley, Hyaku Shiki, and color drawing of Zugock.
GM Sniper w/ mini Apsaras III from 08th MS Team. PG MS-06S and the two
new coating version MG kits (GP-01Fb and Char's Zaku II)

Page 4 rules! The entire collection of SD G Generation Zero kits - the
first batch of 19 kits, plus the 9 new kits, not to mention the MG and PG
parodies. Too bad they left out SD 199, which was a musha Gundam.

The 2-page spread that follows is a clever table of contents done in a UC
timeline format - the rest of the catalog is organized by episodes from
the original TV and OVA series, which are in term organized by UC
chronology. So you got the OYW laid out in front of you, with the
appropriate episode guide and corresponding page numbers. There's also some
screen shots for version 1 of the new TV commercial, which looked awesome as
it recreates the Gouf Custom showdown from The 08th MS Team.

The rest of the catalog feature an assortment of MS/MA/ship kits from the
original TV series, 0080, and 08th MS Team. Surprisingly, old photos like the
1/100 scale Real Type kits have returned, even the 1/250 scale diorama sets
too(!), but there was NO 0083 coverage, no Zeta, Senitnel, ZZ, CCA, F90, F91,
SF90, and no V... but towards the end you got a MSV section where every MSV
kit has a photo, just like in the older catalogs, except now with MG kit
highlights too.

Looks like old school OYW fans are finally getting their wish. I know some
people will be happy. Personally, I think it's a huge improvement over the
incredibly lame 1999 catalog, where they only showed you 1 Gundam from each
of the older series.

The final page is a collection of LDs and VHS tapes from the aforementioned
TV series/movie trilogy/OVAs. Another first for a Bandai plastic model


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