Paul Fields (
Fri, 05 Nov 1999 13:58:33 EST

>Hi, this is Ben from JWT, Bandai's advertising agency. It probably
>wouldn't have cost us
>much more to make it something that was good.

Well Ben, I'm not in California, but since how
well you guys do out there determines how soon
and how supported it gets to the rest of us.

Did you guys have anything playing, like the
0083 Dubs, or Trailers from Gundam Wing, even
with Wing not being translated yet, you might
want to show something that is.

I will assume you guys had posters, and promo
items, but if not, get some.

Are you guys hitting the Anime cons? The last
con I was at had dozens of Sailor Moon, and
Pokemon kids, in addition to the older teens
and twenty somethings Fan crowd. Even if you
don't get a Dealer's room table, put a stack
of flyers at the flyers and brochures table.
People often leave Promo Buttons there too.

Looking for a cheap toy promo, get the Wing
Gashaphon figures, they are about 3 inches
tall, cost about 2.50$ over here... Sure the
goal is probably model sales, but they need
to see something they can touch/feel and play
with. Kits you assemble don't give that feel.

Slightly more expensive are the Mobile Suit
in Action figures that are sold as Action
Figures with "English Lettered" packaging.
These should be the easiest to sell over here.

Just a concerned Virginia Gundam fan who can
reach 11 Anime shops in an hour from his house
go to a con about once a month, order everything
that is available over the net, and still not
get all the Gundam he wants.


If you can't get all the Cali guys together, I
suggest you put it to the list here, and check
out the Wing lists too, you'll get all of the
feedback you want and then some.

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