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You are into Gundam, come talk about it.

Hi, this is Ben from JWT, Bandai's advertising agency. I don't know Gundam
very well. I'm interested and learning, but I don't know it. When Bandai asked
me what we should do if they were to put money behind a Gundam symposium, I said
I don't know.

You guys said the launch at Toys R Us sucked. It probably wouldn't have cost us
much more to make it something that was good. We have access to Bandai and
Bandai is giving us money to do some promotions. I'd like to get some input
instead of just reading about how they suck.

We'll have Pizza and drinks and pay for parking and have a bunch of 1/100th kits
around as a way of saying thank you.

We want you whether you RSVP or not, but if you RSVP with a Pizza preference,
I'll make sure to have that kind here.

my direct email:

we are located in the Mid Wilshire area at

6500 Wilshire Blvd.
20th Floor

call with questions

please bring gundam models

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