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>>ok, so the RX-78-2 was used by Amuro, the G-4 by
>>0080's-pilot, so who uses the G-3 ? or wat is it for ?
>Depending your source of information - the Zeta Gundam PlayStation game
>gives the G-3 to Sayla Mass. In the TV series, the G-3 was basically the
>RX-78-2 with the mag coat upgrade, but as seen in the animation they
>simply upgraded the 78-2 and left the paint scheme alone. Never seen
>animated, the G-3 is kind of like the Eva-04, a "what-if" Gundam just like
>Casval's Gundam from the Giren's Ambition game.

I thought it was in the Series...... and cut out in the movies.... but I could
be wrong

- Roger


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