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>> Speaking of which....I don't remember any grunt Zeon MS in 0079 using beam
>> sabres. The Zaku used the heat hawk and the Dom a heat rod, so how come
>> Anavel Gato was so good at using the GP02's beam sabre ? The techniques of
>> using these weapons seem to be considerably different.
>> Unless he had experience in a beam sabre equipped unit any time between
>> and 0083, I find it a little hard to believe.
>Well, for one thing, it seems to be the case that all movements a Mobile Suit
>makes are really macros activated by the pilot. We see this in the very first
>episode of Gundam, when Amuro selects a beam saber to use in combat. Amuro
>hit a key, the graphic on his screen displayed his beam saber being deployed,
>and the Gundam actually draws the saber and attacks with it.
>It has been hypothesized that the Gundam Project MS's where built around Zeon
>styled cockpits.
>Gato would be very familiar with the cockpit layout, and his experience as a
>combat pilot should have played heavily in his piloting of the GP02a, and in
>his close combat actions against the GP01. Gato would know how to deploy the
>GP02a's close combat weaponry, and Gundam itself would know how to handle
>said beam saber. All Gato would have needed to do was aim at a target and
>direct the MS's movements.

After Buying the MG GP02, my whole perspective on Gato changed a little, he
must be somewhat of a good pilot because the GP02 is very UNmaneuverable its
shield blocks if half of its body its legs are way too big and its shoulder
verniers would get in the way of the shield. With only half a body
manueverable its only weapon is its beam saber.

- Roger


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