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>Well, let's see. If a cabal of Fed officers devised a plan to create an
>autonomous force with in (but separate from) the Federation military, they
>would need an aggressor worthy of this action. The Delaz and Cima fleets
>where readily available for that role. Next, they would need a symbol, so the
>Gundam Project was suborned to fill this role. Delaz needed Axis to survive
>Operation Stardust, but the Federation did not, so a treaty was made between
>the Feds and Axis to allow Delaz an opportunity to retreat-in-order. Cima was
>to be a sacrificial lamb, but she took an opportunity to reverse the dagger,
>and turn on Delaz.

I remember your theory when it was first posted. Just felt it was too
X-Files/JFK paranoia-driven for a story created in 1991.

>But with all this maneuvering, the facts remain that Delaz ordered Gato to
>adjust the course of the colony drop so that it would hit a non-critical
>location on Earth, several Fed officers know about Operation Stardust and did
>nothing to stop it from happening, and the guy in charge of the Solar System
>II ended up being in charge of the Titans.

Well, the Feds did set up Solar System II to stop the colony from dropping,
but they were not successful, and it did not look like they failed on
purpose - Gato managed to destroy one of the control ships, rendering the
Solar System II nearly useless. And Gato had to search for the control
ship, I don't think any Fed personnel told him the coordinates where he'd
find the control ship.

As for the colony's drop locationg being non-critical, I am not sure what
you meant. Gato told Nina that the adjustment was made for the intended
target of Op. Stardust, which turned out to be where the earthnoids were
growing grains for food supply. Their goal was clearly to force the
earthnoids become dependent on the spacenoids, at least for food. In that
sense, Stardust has been successfully carried out if you ask me.


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