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Spoofing e-mail address ain't all that hard. I can in no more than five minutes, get access to your e-mail and your name off of the ML or some other directory, go ahead and create an account on a freespace provider, and impersonate myself to someone else.

However, sending spam with a spoofed or fake address is fairly easy to discern, but takes some time and patience in looking at the POP/SMTP/IMAP header that comes along with each e-mail. In that wonderful piece of data/garbage, one can discern the originating source of the e-mail, the mail ID number, and the IP Address. These can help you where the perp. may be doing his/her business.

Of course, the header can be spoofed itself, or may have been forwarded manyatimes to be helpful. The latter is fairly easy to do provided you have access to some anonymous accounts and such. The first option is rather difficult, as you need knowledge in the construction of the header, especially if you're using someone else's account/machine to send your mail.

If all else fails, there are disposable accounts.

Beware, there are a lot of folks out there, and some are indeed quite immature...

Y. Choe

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The suprising thing is that once someone spoofed my AOL account and sent out
a batch of Porn SPAM to other AOL people. They all kept sending me "remove
me from your mailing list" mails and I had nothing to do with it. But then
again my password at the time was gundam. SO I was pretty stupid as that
Gundam was mentioned in the interests section of my profile.

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