Y. Choe (choey@usa.net)
Thu, 4 Nov 1999 18:07:38 -0800

> Hi, everybody I new to this ML , can anyone here tell me the new
> gundam series
> " Turn A Gundam " is all about ?? have anyone here seen the series yet ??

TurnA Gundam pits people of earth who've forgotten about technology vs.
people of moon who've clinged to the ways of the "past" with weapons of
yore, known as Mobile Suits. Of course, there is the matter of a white
mobile suit which have been identified by the lunarians as Gundam...

Tomino's Latest tales of Gundam, this one promises to reconcile all the
Gundam stories, from UC to AC to AW to CF sagas. So far, there are mobile
suits from earlier saga of UC, and a funky version of GM, but hasn't done
much to reconcile all the funky stories of Wing, X, and G yet...

No one on the list have yet seen it first hand (my off handed knowledge at
least), so no one is allowed to say series sucks or is great on second hand
accounts. Though the premise is quite interesting. And the MS called TurnA
Gundam is quite interesting.

Y. Choe

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