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Thu, 04 Nov 1999 18:18:34 EST

Richard Ramos wrote:
>Hmmm, I've been thinking about age a factor for piloting skills?

Well not counting the fact that an aerospace
pilot will find an MS teribly slow, and have
more experience pulling high-G maneuvers, no.

Since the MS was totally new to everyone, it
depends entirely on the individual. The Red
Baron who was mentioned earlier in another
thread could not stay on his horse, when he
was in the Cavalry. See how well he did in
a plane.

The biggest documented differences in Gundam
are the difference between Oldtype, and the
Newtype. Wether you have the 6th Sense or not.

And the difference between RADAR, and post
RADAR era soldiers. The Minovski particle
rendered RADAR based sensors useless. Thus
changing the landscape of warfare itself.
There is a scene in the novels where Bright
is low on crew, and gets an offer from an
old man who was rescued from the colony. He
says to put the man down in the gunnery deck
but for the officer there to still make his
own decisions, cause the old guy is from the
RADAR age of warfare.


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