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Hmmm, I've been thinking about age a factor for piloting skills?
am not talking about how fast or how good one's reflexes are, but on how
the skills are used and developed.

Are pilots who grew up with piloting MS's better than those who started off
on other vehicles? Also, I suppose the type of vehicle the pilot used
before would be a factor in the skill and style.

Take amuro and Ebbing for example...they practically grew up with does that measn that their fighting styles were influenced by
that, as opposed to vets like Burning or Ral who may have had prior
training in other vehicles, like fighters or tanks? What about tactical
skills and such? does that mean that former ground vehicle users were
trained for earth ops and spacecraft pilots for space MS's...and then there
is the problem with familiarization. It's agiven that feds and Zeons have
different cockpits...does this mean that keith from 0083, who piloted a
zaku and a guncannon is technically more cross-trained than exclusive-use

just a few questions.

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