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>>>The only Gundam novels to have been translated into English were the
>>>OYW novels penned by Tomino. I guess it didn't make enough money for the
>>>publisher to even reprint that, much less issuing additional translated
>>>novels, such as the Wing series, 0080, 0083, Sentinel, etc. Gundam is too
>>>much of a visual medium, I guess mere words won't do unless there are
>>>hardcore fans out there.
>>Surprisingly, Gundam Blue destiny has been translated as well, I found it at
>> a few months ago :)
>>- Roger
>A Blue Destiny novel? I think you are referring to the manga from Mixx.
>There's also the Viz film comic of 0083 and Kondo's 0079 manga, but neither
>are translated novels.
>pretty sure its not considering I own both set of comics, as for blue destiny
I'm not very sure, here see for yourself ^_^

- Roger


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