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> >They had a Fleet commander as the messenger
> >boy going to get data from Cima.
> My impression from this scene is that Cima has
> been talking with Jamitov and his buddies and
> dangled the details of Op. Stardust in front
> of them in exchange for asylum. If they set
> the whole thing up, there is no need for any
> favors from Cima.

Well, like Mark Simmons said, it's likely that Cima had already been
communicating with the Titan faction of Federation long before that meeting.
What the briefcase will contains are the parts of the operation that does
not involve Cima fleet. Mainly how are the Delaz going to create a
diversion big enough for Cima to hijack the colonies. The Titan faction
already knows about the colony drop, and actively hampstring the near Earth
fleet from joing the fight. They were setting up Solar System II to take
care of the colony.

> >Another Fleet Commander already had a Solar
> >array set up in the time since the colony
> >jack was known of... Or maybe they had one
> >standing by just in case... ;)
> Hmm, I thought it was hastily put together
> when they figured out what was going on, as
> you know the solar array wasn't completely set
> up when the colony got in their face.

No, it looked like they have been doing this for a while. Solar System
should take about 2 days to setup.

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