Paul Fields (
Thu, 04 Nov 1999 15:24:11 EST

Well I tried Translingo from Fujitsu
and low and behold this little piece
of software is great. It translates
any Japanese web page into English. I
bought a copy after a week of using it.
It has a 200 thousand word dictionary.
Which is many more words that actual
translation programs I have that cost
much more money.
    Yes it translates Gundam as Cancer
Dam, but other than that, and it tries
to spell out the phonetics for english
words spelled in Katakana like character
names and such. I love it, and recommend
it highly. Especially since you can open
text files in your browser, and translate
those too. I get the text from my Japanese
OCR program, and viola...
    Yes translation by machine isn't a
perfect science, and its no replacement
for knowing the language, but it does
produce the most readable English I've
ever seen from a piece of software.

Thay have a downloadable demo, and the
retail version you can get for as little
as 88$

then go over to the Gundam Project for
some Japanese links... I recommend the
"Gundam Explanation II" site best...


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