Paul Fields (
Thu, 04 Nov 1999 15:00:30 EST

>Very interesting. This is a perfect skill package for RPG like Mekton.

Well more like Cyberpunk Martial Arts... you might know
a style that favors Accuracy over all else, or defense.
The guys on the Mekton Zeta list derived two more styles
from the list. One was Machine Gunner (Sprayer) and one
other... The problem is with the martial arts all used
to have different difficulties to learn them. Mekton
does it differently than that for ALL MS piloting is not
just one skill. However saying you studied under Char, and
got 2 points in piloting, and 3 points in mecha melee...
That might get the flavor of his skills, while you only
learn maybe one point in gunnery from him.


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