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Jill Christensen wrote:

> >On the surface Char Aznable, ace pilot and a brilliant military officer must
> >appear to be a loyal dedicated Zeon, in order to win the trust/respect of the
> >Zavi hierarchy. All in contrary to Casval's true feelings towards the Zabis
> >and their regime. Casval cannot/will not join the Zeon forces using his/family
> >name, to follow the orders of the people who orchestrated the death of his
> >father. And he cannot join the Earth Federation whom his father opposed and at
> >the same time fight against his own people. Thus he must use the Char persona
> >to put himself in a position in the Zeon forces to orchestrate and observe
> >the demise of the Zabi regime. The mask symbolises the sacrifices he has made
> >and the goal itself.
> >
> >Tet
> So by the same logic, would this be why Casvel can were a Fed uniform as long as he calls himself Quattro and wears mask-like sunglasses?
> --Jill

In Z Gundam, he takes on the identity of a Federation officer Quattro Bajina in order to join a ragtag group of ex-Federation/rebels who
oppose the Titans. He does so because the Titans are anti-spacenoid in the most extreme sense of the word and all he wanted to do was to just
be a MS pilot and help the AEUG defeat the Titans. He had no intention of getting involved politically and so assumed an inconspicuous
persona with a lower military rank. He had no motives other than to pilot mobile suits against the Titans. .
Casval was just basically fighting to protect the spacenoids from the tyranny of the Titans.

Since AEUG is just a bunch of like minded people fighting against the oppression of innocent people, there was no prerequisite to be a
Federation officer. If Casval wanted to, he could have joined as Char or Casval but then there would be political implications and he would
be thrust into a leadership role. As selfish as it might sound, he did not want anything to do with it. So the name change in this case is
just to remain an inconspicuous but a great MS pilot. Although it turns out that destiny cannot be denied.

Unlike the mask, the sunglasses here is an indication that this is a man with a secret and not for separating himself from Quattro. What
Quattro believes in, and what Quattro is doing is exactly that of Casval. The Quattro persona allows Casval to participate with AEUG at a
level that he is comfortable with.


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