Paul Fields (
Thu, 04 Nov 1999 11:50:06 EST

>Operation Stardust has been initiated, Cima let the Feds
>in on the secret and the Feds were able to cook up a plan
>to take advantage of the situation, but I see no evidence
>that'd suggest that those who eventually become key
>players of Titans set things up to facilitate the birth
>of Operation Stardust itself.


Um Eddie, you remember Jamitov having Kowen
dragged out at gunpoint, his thug already
knew without him saying hardly anything at

Gundam Project information leaked from AE
(Anaheim Electronics) and guys like the
tech from Albion were able to access lots
of clearence information. And uniforms, um
like no contractor I ever saw could walk
off with officer's uniforms.

They had a Fleet commander as the messenger
boy going to get data from Cima.

Another Fleet Commander already had a Solar
array set up in the time since the colony
jack was known of... Or maybe they had one
standing by just in case... ;)

If South Burning had lived, you guys would
not have any problem believing all of this
because he had the whole plan in his hands
and it was being given to high ranking Feds.

Just my take on it.


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