Paul Fields (
Thu, 04 Nov 1999 03:07:58 EST

> You got any references to back this up?

Actually I take this rare opportunity to agree
with Chaos here... it is been widely discussed
what everyone got out of Stardust, and who was
in on the conspiracy.

The Fed Conspirators - Got do-rights out of the
    way, and all the power they could stand to
    become the Titans, and take over.

Cima Fleet - Got revenge on Delaz Fleet for not
    taking them with the fleet to Thorn Garden
    at the end of the first war.

Delaz Fleet - Reopened old OYW war wounds, and
    basically got the shackles of tyranny to be
    tightened on the spacenoids.

We KNOW Jamitov Hyman, Bosque Ohmm, and Green
    Wyatt were all in on it. Probably More.

The Moon officials were suspect, and the people
    in charge at Anaheim were double dirty, but
    they killed the main guy.. so no one pressed
    the issue.

These are parts of the STORY, not someone's own
    theory... hope this helps...


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