Jill Christensen (jill_christensen@mcad.edu)
3 Nov 1999 23:04:48 -0600

>On the surface Char Aznable, ace pilot and a brilliant military officer must
>appear to be a loyal dedicated Zeon, in order to win the trust/respect of the
>Zavi hierarchy. All in contrary to Casval's true feelings towards the Zabis
>and their regime. Casval cannot/will not join the Zeon forces using his/family
>name, to follow the orders of the people who orchestrated the death of his
>father. And he cannot join the Earth Federation whom his father opposed and at
>the same time fight against his own people. Thus he must use the Char persona
>to put himself in a position in the Zeon forces to orchestrate and observe
>the demise of the Zabi regime. The mask symbolises the sacrifices he has made
>and the goal itself.

So by the same logic, would this be why Casvel can were a Fed uniform as long as he calls himself Quattro and wears mask-like sunglasses?

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