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>Actually if you believe the Novels, as I do when
>they are pertinent... Giren or Dozul missed their
>brother Cicero. I remember Dozul thought Garma to
>be the only Zavi he would "like" to serve under.
>I really want to say that it was Giren that had
>such high hopes for Cicero Zavi.

That might be part of the motive for the hypothetical (this is all pure
speculation, remember, just the Daikun's actual cause of death) complicity
in Sasuro's assassination (SOMEBODY fer shure quite publicly killed him).

As long as Sasuro was another pair of hands, eyes and legs for Gihren, he
was Gihren's fair-haired boy. But if Sasuro started going his own way,
whatever talents and abilities Gihren admired while they were in his own
service would be proportionately threatening to him.

And if you can eliminate a threat and make the act serve you in other ways,
so much the better.

You can still regret the necessity and henuinely mourn the loss. You can
miss someone you've killed just as much, if not more so, than someone
you've lost to natural causes.

"I'm sorry now I killed you
Our love was most divine
Until they come to get me
I will hold your hand in mine."


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