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>> Actually if you believe the Novels, as I do when
>> they are pertinent... Giren or Dozul missed their
>> brother Cicero. I remember Dozul thought Garma to
>> be the only Zavi he would "like" to serve under.
>> I really want to say that it was Giren that had
>> such high hopes for Cicero Zavi.
>> Garma to most people being more like a Princess
>> Di to the monarchy... The popular humble one.
>The official and much-treasured "Gundam Chronicles -
>The One Year War Edition" (published and reprinted by
>Rapport Deluxe, Japan, 1998) supports your idea, too,
>by stating Dozul and Cicero was ambushed by the
>Daikunist during a car bomb attack, and the injured
>Dozul was grief stricken towards Cicero's death. Giren
>won't mind to have one less sibling eyes for the
>future throne, but he has no intention to kill Cicero
>from the get go. I recommended everyone to read
>"Gundam Chronicles", a resourceful "0079" reference
>which will blow away all the conspiracy theory towards
>Giren-Cicero mystery.

I dunno -- please note that Gihren wasn't in that car. Maybe he put the
"Daikunists" up to it in hopes of killing THREE birds with one stone.
He'd've been rid of all of his brothers but Garma, the one from whom he had
the least, if anything to fear, and then gone on to purge the Daikunists.

As it was, he had to put up with Dozle and his "Sasuro wouldn't have liked
that" for over a decade before the big lug finally overreached himself....


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