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>>In what shows, does the Zaku II appear?
>Damn, did you watch ANY Gundam at all?
>- Mobile Suit Gundam TV series
>- Mobile Suit Gundam Movie Trilogy (yeah, ALL THREE MOVIES!)
>- 08th MS Team
>- 0080 (FZ version)
>- 0083
>- Turn A (by some new funky name now)

Don't forget Z Gundam and its MS-06M Zaku Marine Type. For that matter,
the RMS-106 Hizack is as close to a Zaku II design-wise as the Gundam Mk.II
was to the Gundam. If you buy that, we've got a Zaku II of sorts all they
way up to CCA, with its Hobby Hizack.

Oh, and then there's Gundam ZZ and its MS-06D Desert Zaku. I'll even go so
far as to say that the AMX-011 Zaku III isn't all that different.

And all of them, with the exception of the Hobby Hizack, with an axe to


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