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>Rodrick Su writes,
>>But Gato is a rotten shot. Give the same equipments, Char can out shot him.
> Ah, but that only matters if the combat is being conducted like a
>gunslinger duel at high noon.:-) One of the truisms of mobile suit combat
>as portrayed in the animation is that it's almost impossible to hit an
>experienced pilot by firing at them from directly in front, since they
>can almost always dodge the shot; whenever anyone gets hit, it's either
>in close-quarters saber combat, or because they didn't see it coming.

Gunslinger-type duels and pistols-at-dawn-type duels are a study in opposites.

In the gunslinger scenario, the opponents either start out at close
quarters, as over a poker table, or at a distance from which they close on
one another until someone feels confident enough of hitting the mark to
draw. In this scenario, the game goes to the swiftest -- you're at
point-blank range, so the fastest gun fires first and he who hesitates is lost.

In the traditional dueling scenario, the opponents step off to a
predetermined distance, face off and then fire upon one another when
signalled. Here, it's accuracy, not speed, that's important. The faster
gun prevails only if his aim is also true. Since deliberation is better
for accuracy, the man who's both confident enough of his own ability and
courageous enough to stand tall and not be rushed by the threat of his
opponent's skill is the victor.

In most duels of either type, neither party landed a shot. In the
traditional duel, the seconds had to bring out replacement pistols for
several rounds, until one or the other scored or the match was called on
merits. In the gunslinger showdowns, they had six-guns and often expended
nearly all their ammo before someone was finally hit and went down. The
one who hit first was deemed the "faster gun" even if he drew second.


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