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>> I think you were right. Pretty ironic how Jinba's own son became a Zabi
>> follower...
>> Eddie
>Are sure about that? To me Ranba was only a great officer like some
>(finctionals?) WWII' officers: they could not be nazi at heart but they
>still obey orders and truly loved their country.

Ranba Lal was what I call a "good soldier" -- he didn't get involved in the
politics, but concentrated on getting the job done, getting all the boxes
checked off and all the tickets punched to get to the next rank. He pretty
much tells Hamon Crowley that, once they take care of this White Base
business, it's back to Zeon and a well-deserved tenured position on the
General Staff.

This all changed when he saw Artesia on the White Base. Seeing her alive
made him remember what things were like before the Zabi family came to
power. That's when his patriotism actually kicked in, with fatal results.

Hamon was equally apolitical. She fought with Ranba because he'd saved her
life at the Battle of Raum and she felt she owed it to him. After he was
killed, she fought to avenge him. At no time did she ever give a thought
as to what the war was really about or who was right or wrong.


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