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>> If you really want speculation, my own pet theory is that Gihren was behind
>> his younger brother's assassination, literally killing two birds with one
>> stone to put an end to a little sibling rivalry and give himself an excuse
>> to clean house within the new government....
>I know that Gihren is a bastard (excuse me) but i think you are going too far
>by pretending he killed his own brother even if that seems possible.
>I have only one question, if you are right about this why Gihren didn.t
>kill earlier his "old man", Kishiria and Dozuru the only persons capable of
>stopping him in gathering all the power in his hand.

There are three requirements for murder, even murder-for-hire: Motive,
Method and Opportunity. Alibis are optional, but if you intend to get away
with it you must be able to eliminate any evidence that would prove your
complicity. Ideally, you should be able to deflect even the merest
suspicion away from yourself.

The Sasuro assassination does all of that. It was shown to be the work of
Zeon Zum Daikun's old supporters, to such a degree that no one questioned
the subsequent purge of Daikun sympathizers from the government.

One could argue that Gihren set Dozle up in much the same way that Char set
Garma up. Char suckered Garma into attacking the White Base, depending on
Char to back him up. Dozle led a personal attack on the Gundam with his
latest and greatest Mobile Armor, despite all of the previous failures.
Gihren may have held back information on just how powerful the Gundam was
while simultaneously ragging his younger brother about how the Gundam was
so successful, thus goading Dozle into "proving" himself and his MA.

Degwin played King Log, pretty much rubberstamping everything Gihren set
before him, knowing Gihren for what he was but too old and weak and tired
to oppose it. Gihren, in turn, allowed Degwin to take the heat for
Gihren's most heinous acts, using the old man as a puppet and figurehead
while he ran things in his father's name. Maybe Degwin stayed quiet for so
long because he knew just what his son was capable of doing to anyone who
truly got in his way.

Of all of Gihren's kin, only Kycilia seemed to be genuinely wary of him.
In the end, it was she who took him out, after he committed patricide under
the cover of a slightly misaligned Solar Ray....


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