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> >I wonder if there more series of this poster. For
> example, Zeon Mobile Suites,
> >etc...
> >Anyone know what size is this?
> >
> >
> >
> >Also, if any of you got an extra copy, let me know.
> >
> >Danny
> >
> Looks like it's a HK product - note the Chinese
> characters at the lower
> right corner designating the company. Wonder if
> it's licensed or a bootleg.
> That 20th Anniv. Bigbang logo appears even on boots
> these days.

The Kanji under the yellow square logo is Keibunsha, a
Japanese publisher of many traditional pocket-sized
Gundam references. This MS poster, as well as the
'Character Version' of 20th Anniversary Poster, are
both official products licensed by Sunrise, Sotsu
Agency and Keibunsha. They can only be bought at
official book fairs and comic fairs in which sales of
any pirate products are strictly prohibited.

Answering Danny's question, both the MS and Character
version of 20th anniversary poster is 70cm (w) by 95
cm (h). The MS poster is housed in a pained blue tube
as shown in your link, whereas the character poster is
housed in a similar one in brown color. I say u should
try ur luck at ur local model shop that sells Gundam
kits, or Japanese bookshops that sells Gundam
references and other trendy mags, they tend to carry
posters and other Gundam collector items like these.

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