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Robert L. B. wrote:

> Why does Char wear that da** mask? So the Zabis won't know who he is, or
> is he just making a fashion statement?
> ----Gundam01

Char's mask isn't a disguise or a fashion statement. It symbolises his adopted
persona, and all the reasons for adopting this persona
He has taken the name of Char Aznable in order to avenge his father's death and
in his mind the mask separates his true self from Char Aznable.

On the surface Char Aznable, ace pilot and a brilliant military officer must
appear to be a loyal dedicated Zeon, in order to win the trust/respect of the
Zavi hierarchy. All in contrary to Casval's true feelings towards the Zabis and
their regime. Casval cannot/will not join the Zeon forces using his/family name,
to follow the orders of the people who orchestrated the death of his father. And
he cannot join the Earth Federation whom his father opposed and at the same time
fight against his own people. Thus he must use the Char persona to put himself
in a position in the Zeon forces to orchestrate and observe the demise of the
Zabi regime. The mask symbolises the sacrifices he has made and the goal


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