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> Rodrick Su writes,
> >But Gato is a rotten shot. Give the same equipments, Char
> can out shot him.
> Ah, but that only matters if the combat is being conducted like a
> gunslinger duel at high noon.:-) One of the truisms of mobile
> suit combat
> as portrayed in the animation is that it's almost impossible to hit an
> experienced pilot by firing at them from directly in front, since they
> can almost always dodge the shot; whenever anyone gets hit,
> it's either
> in close-quarters saber combat, or because they didn't see it coming.
> Interestingly, this seems to be in accordance with what
> I've read about
> real fighter aces. Many of them were rotten shots, so they
> concentrated
> on manuevering into a position where they could deliver a
> killing shot to
> the enemy's rear at close range. This seems to work very well
> for Gato...

Real life example: The Red Baron of WWI. Tremedious flier, lousy shot.

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