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Rodrick Su writes,

>But Gato is a rotten shot. Give the same equipments, Char can out shot him.

  Ah, but that only matters if the combat is being conducted like a
gunslinger duel at high noon.:-) One of the truisms of mobile suit combat
as portrayed in the animation is that it's almost impossible to hit an
experienced pilot by firing at them from directly in front, since they
can almost always dodge the shot; whenever anyone gets hit, it's either
in close-quarters saber combat, or because they didn't see it coming.

  Interestingly, this seems to be in accordance with what I've read about
real fighter aces. Many of them were rotten shots, so they concentrated
on manuevering into a position where they could deliver a killing shot to
the enemy's rear at close range. This seems to work very well for Gato...

>And against someone who will kill you in the first or second shot like Amuro
>or Camille, Kou would be targeting practice.

  Ah, but see above. You can't really dodge a shot you don't see coming,
like one of Camille's long-range sniper attacks, but even Amuro might
have a hard time tagging ever-wriggly Kou at close range. In such a
circumstance, Amuro, like Gato, would probably try to slip behind Kou to
get a better shot; Char would just keep hammering away, weaving back and
forth and attacking nonstop, which might work better against Kou.

>Amuro is a much better shot than Char, so Char's adventage is greatly
>amplified here.

  I'm not quite sure what you mean - I was contemplating an
Amuro-versus-Gato matchup. Here, Amuro's better aim and faster reflexes
might give him the edge, but if the fight went on long enough then Amuro
might start to wear down and Gato's inhuman endurance could tip the balance...

-- Mark

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